Composite Fillings

composite fillings

For a child, the most commonly used material in cosmetic dentistry composite resin. It is easily done chair side in one visit and depending on the restoration needed, can be done with little, if any, anesthesia. Composite resin is blendable and is easily matched to your child's tooth color. In fact, you may have one or more composite resin fillings in your own mouth right now! Composites can often be placed in thinner layers than metal, preserving more of the natural tooth.

Fixing a child's tooth with composite can also be more cost effective, too. Since a child's mouth continues to grow and change and children are notoriously hard on their teeth, a restoration may need to be redone a few times before they reach adulthood. By using composite resin on a child's tooth, it can be repaired and redone in-office, whereas a porcelain crown or veneer needs to be completely re-fabricated and can be much more costly.

Composites contain a mix of liquid resin embedded with finely ground glass particles. After being molded against conditioned tooth structure, blue light applied directly to the composite leads to a firm set within seconds. Shaped and polished, a high shine reflecting the beauty of natural enamel results in an invisible restoration: strong, smooth, conservative.

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We absolutely love coming here. My kids love Dr Scott and the staff. They make my kids love the dentist.

Kristen H

My experience of three visits over a year was good. Nurses were very good at handling kids. Dentists were knowledgeable and were able to manage fix cavities without anesthesia.

Pavan P

We've loved Dr. Scott and the staff from the preschool years to the teen years! Everyone is friendly, knowledgable and prompt. We've never had a bad experience here.

Kasey N

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Dr. Scott Seiler opened Children's Dental in 2005. While his practice was growing, he worked with many of the area's best dentists, providing care for their pediatric patients.

Dr. Scott and his team are proud to be voted Omaha Magazine's Best of Omaha Pediatric Dentist Office for seven years running (2016 - 2022)!

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