IV/Hospital Sedation

For the child that can't cooperate in the traditional dental setting we offer treatment under general anesthesia in a Hospital setting. This is a great service that provides quality dental care without traumatizing the patient that is nervous.

IV/Hospital sedation

Some procedures in dentistry may require a deep level of sedation for anxious patients. When other methods of sedation aren't quite enough, IV sedation is a good alternative. During IV sedation, an anti-anxiety drug is administered through your child's blood system while treatment is completed. This allows the medication to be more efficient and helps your child achieve a deeper level of relaxation. Your child will probably not remember much (or anything at all) about their procedure because of the short-term amnesia it creates.

Complex procedures can seem faster. Your child is always properly monitored for their safety, and you will need to have someone care for your child for a little while after the procedure. Due to the advanced monitoring required during IV sedation, we work closely with specialists trained and equipped to make this a safe experience. We are happy to discuss your child's sedation needs and customize a plan for them. If IV sedation is indicated, we will help your child get scheduled with a specialist who can make this treatment possible.

What Our Patients Have to say


We absolutely love coming here. My kids love Dr Scott and the staff. They make my kids love the dentist.

Kristen H

My experience of three visits over a year was good. Nurses were very good at handling kids. Dentists were knowledgeable and were able to manage fix cavities without anesthesia.

Pavan P

We've loved Dr. Scott and the staff from the preschool years to the teen years! Everyone is friendly, knowledgable and prompt. We've never had a bad experience here.

Kasey N

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Dr. Scott Seiler opened Children's Dental in 2005. While his practice was growing, he worked with many of the area's best dentists, providing care for their pediatric patients.

Dr. Scott and his team are proud to be voted Omaha Magazine's Best of Omaha Pediatric Dentist Office for seven years running (2016 - 2022)!

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